System Consultancy, Support and
Media Production Services

Production Services

With either my in house HDV kit or hired in broadcast equipment my services range from:
  • Multi camera live operations.
  • Location Shooting.
  • Single or multicamera interviews.
  • Basic GV shooting.

  • Post Production Services

    I can offer a full range of in house post production services including:

  • Off Line Editing.
  • On Line Editing.
  • Colour Grading.
  • DVD Authoring.
  • Web Encoding and Development.

    Any projects requiring further finishing, advanced colour grading and broadcast compliance can also be easily accommodated at a number of external facilities.

  • Data Wrangling

    "A data wrangler is very non-technical term that specifies duties typically handled by a storage administrator for working with large amounts of data." Sometimes called DIT:
  • Digital Imaging Technician
  • Digital Intermediates Transfer
    The task of keeping track of your digital media on set in a tapeless world is a daunting one. When shooting on multiple types of cameras keeping media cards available for shooting whilst maintaining the flow of data to the edit suite is important.
    So I can come to the set, and manage the flow of data from camera to edit suite, ensuring a back up of media is maintained at all times.
    At this stage it is also possible to enter or update the valuable metadata saving time further along in the post production process.

  • Video and Audio Technical Support

    I offer a range of local and remote technical support services. These include:
  • Systems troubleshooter.
  • Advice on a range of upgrades and routine maintenance regimes.
  • Support for your editing systems.
  • Repairs and maintenance both on and off site.

  • Systems Consultancy

    From what screen to go on the wall to a 10 seat off line unity installation we can help design and install any system you might require

    Recent installations include:
  • Avid Media Composer systems with both Meridian and Mojo based systems. With associated audio mixers, voice over microphones and monitoring.
  • 7 Seat Avid Unity server, including building wide system wiring.
  • DVD Duplication facilites.
  • Permanent wiring rigs for multi camera venues.
  • 3 Camera Studio vision setup.
  • Timelapse systems based around digital SLR equipment.
  • Temporary HDCAM-SR installations for audio facilities
  • Home theatre installations.

  • Holiday Cover

    If one of your vital engineers needs to take a holiday but the whole place will fall down if they leave, I can step in and look after things whilst they are away.
    Please contact me for more detail on this bespoke service.

    Stills Media

    With over 20 years experience using 35mm equipment I have produced media for both web and publishing media. Media can be either delivered direct to clients or post processed in house.

    Recent Projects

  • Music video 'Oliver Reed' by Craig Cassie.

  • Camera work for Renault customer promotions at Millbrook test track. - Link Here

  • Editing Web promotions, a 60 minute documentary, and training videos for Grand Central Railways. - Link here

  • On-line, Grading and Tech support for a set of web promotions shot using the 'Red' camera system.

  • Live camera work at both conferences and gigs. - Link Here

  • DVD authoring for clients show reels and related web developments.

  • After Effects work for corporate clients

  • Direct link to the Big Ideas Productions You Tube Channel

    Stills Media:
  • Web stills for Grand Central Railway.

  • Exterior location work for book publishing.

  • Promotional work for bands and singers.

  • Family and personal portraiture.

  • About Me

    With over 20 years experience working in media production environments I started out with 1" machines. Since then I have followed technology forward working with Betacam; DV; Digital Betacam; DVD and right the way on to HD formats. And quite a few other things in between.

    Back in the old days I have worked with 2 machine VHS, or U-Matic, offline suites, this also has thankfully progressed and I have worked with a GB when it was considered a huge amount of stoarage right up until now where we all work with terabytes and our children's memory sticks are bigger than our first computer drives.

    I've also worked with a wide range of camera systems from over the shoulder vtr camera combinations, Digital Betacam Camcorders, multi camera shoots, XDCam systems and even 'Red' cameras.

    I have extensive experience at designing and building edit suites, copy bays, audio suites and IT installations. Ranging from laptop edit suites to multi seat offline facilities, simple cable looms to full audio dubbing rooms.

    My talents don't stop here, if its not mentioned I have probably got experience in it so don't hesitate to get in touch and ask, the worst that can happen is I say no, but more than likely I have the relevant experience or knowledge that you need or know someone who can help you.


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